Toronto Cybercide: The Bridge

Enoch Chrom is the guest on this episode of Channel 2.3’s The Bridge,hosted by news anchor Claudia Shanks.Author. Theologian. Businessman. Ever the controversial figure, Enoch Chrom’s candidacy announcement for the Greater Toronto Republic’s council brings high hopes for the Luddites he represents and growing concerns from the cyberneticaly augmented population he wants to regulate. Between the issues Claudia Shanks stands on… The Bridge. Set between the films UCF: Toronto Cybercide and Abstract Messiah, The Bridge introduces the UCF audience to the character of Enoch Chrom, as well as the Luddite way of life.

The Bridge also had the honor of being featured on

April 2010

Andrew Hookway

Bryan Patrick Stoyle

Based on characters and concepts created by Laszlo Kovacs

Enoch Chrom — Timothy Dugan
Claudia Shanks – Marie Hasselback-Costa

Featuring Appearances by:
Ken JP Stuczynski
John R. Renna

Camera Operator:
Craig Helfer

Microphone Operator:
Aaron Kondziela

Laszlo Kovacs

Original Music:

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