Christopher Spenceley

Director of Cinematography, Editor

Christopher Spenceley

Fascinated by the inner workings of films since an early age, Christopher Spenceley had his first run-in with video production during middle school. Sensing his passion, his teachers were able to schedule him a free period where he was assigned various projects to complete for the school on their new VHS editing computer. Following this path, he earned a degree in Broadcast & Cable Production from Western Michigan University, which led him to an internship with a video/photography house in Chicago, several freelance projects and numerous productions of his own creation.

During his education and between his arduous days spent watching, reviewing and making films, Christopher found like-minded colleagues on a Star Wars fan film website, including Andrew Hookway. Learning of Key Pixel through Andrew, his interest in their projects grew until he, Andrew and Laszlo Kovacs combined their efforts on Christopher’s feature-length fan film, For Knowledge and Defense. Soon after, he found himself teaming up with the rest of Key Pixel as Director of Photography and Assistant Editor for Abstract Messiah.

While he remains in Michigan, the most distant of the Key Pixel Core, he is considered to be a valuable and dedicated member of the team.

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